Dane Ortlund’s “Gentle and Lowly” in Vietnamese

Nhu mì và Khiêm nhường “Nhu mì và Khiêm nhường là đức tính cần có của mỗi con người và cũng vậy trong Kinh thánh, Chúa dạy chúng ta cần Nhu mì và Khiêm nhường trong mỗi hành… Read More

Nhu mì và Khiêm nhường, Ông D. Ortlund—Part 2

‘Đây là quyển sách nói về tấm lòng của Đấng Christ. Ngài là ai? Ngài thật sự là ai? Điều tự nhiên nhất đối với Ngài là gì? Điều cháy bỏng bên lồng ngực Ngài là gì khi Ngài đến với… Read More

Recent posts of interest–part 10

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None of us grows through pressure

‘If we expect each other to begin healing immediately, as soon as something is out in the light, we kill the whole point of mutual confession. God does not extend forgiveness to us vertically with an attached timescale;… Read More

Worn out with your Christian life?

‘Some of us are worn out with our Christian life, tired and discouraged, empty and running on fumes. Despite having in place a strong gospel theology, we are sputtering along, not really growing. Might it be because we have never… Read More

Taking our miseries to the Lord

‘Even the most intense of human love is but the faintest echo of heaven’s cascading abundance. His heartful thoughts for you outstrip what you can conceive. He intends to restore you into the radiant resplendence for which you… Read More

Replacing our assumptions with God’s love

‘The Christian life, from one angle, is the long journey of letting our natural assumption about who God is, over many decades, fall away, being slowly replaced with God’s own insistence on who he is. This is hard… Read More

Won over to a gentle Savior

‘When you look at the glorious older saints in your church, how do you think they got there? Sound doctrine, yes. Resolute obedience, without a doubt. Suffering without becoming cynical, for sure. But maybe another reason, maybe the… Read More

Sự Vâng Phục và Tân Ước—part 3

Obedience and the New Testament ‘Third, the vast majority of the obedience enjoined by the New Testament is altogether mundane in nature. There is actually very little about evangelism and church planting, and a great deal about ordinary… Read More