White: Free will?

Scripture is always our ultimate authority, but God’s people can also give us valuable insight. ‘Who cares if the will is “free” when the nature that provides it with the desires upon which it acts is corrupt and… Read More

Do the ‘elect’ choose to believe?

‘…Reformed Christians believe that men believe and choose. It is the order of events that is in dispute. Every Christian has chosen Christ, believed in Christ, embraced Christ, and even more, continues to do so. The question is… Read More

Regeneration, God’s Grace, New Birth–Part 5

Sự Tái Sinh Bằng Quyết Định Là Gì? What is “decisional regeneration”? English Written: GSiV “Regeneration, God’s Grace, New Birth” (Parts 1, 2, 3, 4) Audio: Timothy Juhnke “Decisional Regeneration”   English and Vietnamese Written/Viết: GSiV “Discerning what… Read More

Regeneration, God’s Grace, New Birth–Part 4

“We’ve been telling people the lie…that if you do this [pray a prayer], then God will make you born again. You see the only difference between baptismal regeneration and decisional regeneration is the new birth is just attached… Read More

Regeneration, God’s Grace, New Birth–Part 3

A popular statement of faith equates regeneration with conversion, which could be intentional or accidental:   ‘“The Gospel is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes” and those who receive Jesus Christ by faith are… Read More

Đức Chúa Trời và Sự Cứu Rỗi–9

‘Có lẽ lý do mà rất nhiều mục sư thúc giục các tín hữu chia sẻ phúc âm chính là phương pháp truyền giảng của chúng ta (tin dễ dàng–hãy mời Chúa Giê-xu vào lòng bạn; hãy có… Read More

Discerning what Scripture says: Part 3

Good and bad theology mixed together Notice the solid paragraph (#3) mixed with the final one (#5) which is not only wrong biblically but dangerous. Paragraph 3: ‘Jesus has warned that one day he will return as judge… Read More

Sovereign Grace (paper)

Một trang web góp phần cho Cơ Đốc Nhân người Việt vui hưởng Đức Chúa Trời và quyền năng cao cả của Ngài (Ê-phê 1:4-5) A place for Vietnamese Christians to enjoy God and his supremacy    … Read More