The Prayer Life that Matters Most

‘This is why it’s good that Jesus is praying for us. He’s the best pray-er of all; the one whose prayers matter most and do the most good. This is true because Jesus always prays for us (Heb…. Read More

Prayer: How Praying Together Shapes the Church

‘What is the role of corporate prayer in the church? ‘Prayer is as necessary to the Christian as breathing is to the human body–but it often doesn’t come quite as naturally. In fact, prayer in the church often… Read More

Anxiety meets prayer

What are we to do when we feel anxious, then we pray but continue to be anxious? In a recent article Robinson gives some biblical clarity for these issues: 1. The Command not to Be Anxious 2. The… Read More

Praying as a Calvinist

‘When we understand Calvinism in our hearts, and not just our minds, we’ll find ourselves humbly drawing near the throne of grace in our times of need.’ ‘Real Calvinists pray for help in the pursuit of holiness.’ ‘Calvinism… Read More

Prayer mirrors the gospel: Miller

‘Prayer mirrors the gospel. In the gospel, the Father takes as we are because of Jesus and gives us his gift of salvation. In prayer, the Father receives us as we are because of Jesus and gives us… Read More

Prayer: Poverty of spirit

“A praying life isn’t simply a morning prayer time; it is about slipping into prayer at odd hours of the day, not because we are disciplined but because we are in touch with our own poverty of spirit,… Read More

A Prayer for the Church in Vietnam: Reformation Follow Up

‘Xin Đức Chúa Trời ban phước cho người Việt Nam hiểu rõ về nền tảng của sự Cứu Rỗi. Và ban cho nước Việt Nam dáy lên những người Tôi Tớ hiểu rõ về Lẽ Thật của Đức… Read More

Pray for One Another / Cầu Nguyện Cho Nhau

James 5:16 “Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.” James 5:16: 16 Vậy, hãy xưng… Read More

Are you praying for God’s work in Vietnam?

Here’s a request at another site: “Ancestor Worship: Pray for new believers to stand firm in their faith, especially in the face of opposition from family members.” (Check them out at: http://www.pray4vn.org/share/summary/)     See our GSiV page:… Read More

Reformed Churches in Vietnam: A Prayer

O Lord, please save people who will want you. May you establish a Church in Vietnam that cherishes you and your glory above their programs or buildings. May you develop leaders who desire you and your word above… Read More