Idolatry, the immediate, and rapid church planting

‘The idolatrous desire for instant gratification exists in every ministry context, but it can acutely haunt church planters as we navigate the tension of an abundance of vision and a scarcity of resources.’ ‘Impatience is the pride of… Read More

Missions: Success, faithfulness, rapid, deception

‘Let’s be honest: faithfulness is not the first synonym that springs to mind when we hear the word success. ‘Over the past 20 years, a proliferation of new missionary methods has shifted the definition of missionary success. Increasingly, I meet missionaries… Read More

Expecting Rapid?

Should those planting churches overseas expect their work to unfold rapidly? That’s a question posed and answered by Mr. Clark. ‘Missionaries often start their journey into ministry with high expectations. Chief among them is a hope for fruit… Read More

Garrison and Church Planting Movements

‘Garrison tells a story of a brother who led a CPM in China and was committed to a minimum of two hours daily in prayer. I don’t agree with everything in the CPM model–nor am I going to prescribe a… Read More

numbers can distract us

‘However, impressive numbers can distract us from the reality that the work needed to carry the gospel to the least reached peoples and places will take long, slow, patient work.’ ‘Jesus is coming quickly and the need is… Read More

Missions and Offense of Cross

‘…The missionary-apologist is decidedly unapologetic. ‘[One author] makes explicit something that at times goes unstated—we seek fresh ways to communicate the gospel cross-culturally not so that it may be more palatable, but so that it confronts the culture… Read More

Recent posts of interest–part 6

Hopeful in Christ ‘Giáo Luật của Dordt (Dort)’ Là Gì?–part 15 Peace Resources in Vietnamese Sự Nên Thánh Động Lực Bởi Phúc Âm (3rd edition)–Part 3 Resources for Christian Living Tin Lành Là Gì? của Ông Gilbert–part 5 ‘Giáo Luật… Read More

Weak Missionaries?

‘My value as a servant of God is not based on my output or accomplishments. Rather, I find my security, refreshment, and fruitfulness when I depend on Christ.’ ‘God is not impressed with how many churches I’ve planted… Read More

Recent posts of interest–part 4

Sanctification (Sự nên thánh): Erickson–part 1 We often don’t make the gospel ‘good enough’ “Thế Nào Là Một Hội Thánh Khỏe Mạnh?” 9Marks–Part 7 Hope of the coming kingdom Philadelphia Baptist Confession of Faith–part 11 God does not want us… Read More

A Plea for Gospel Sanity in Missions

Mr. Sequeira has a beneficial article that seems to get to the heart of the matter with much of what goes on in the world of missions. He’s a Christian-background Indian who writes here of the abuses he’s… Read More