Starting Churches: Making Disciples

“In pioneer missionary settings where there are no churches, it’s necessary to plant new churches in order to obey the Great Commission command to make disciples.” Read more. -Zane Pratt Một bài viết khác bởi Ông Pratt

A Plea for Gospel Sanity in Missions

Mr. Sequeira has a beneficial article that seems to get to the heart of the matter with much of what goes on in the world of missions. He’s a Christian-background Indian who writes here of the abuses he’s… Read More

Comparison: The Anti-gospel

“…Comparison isn’t just unhealthy for Christians; it’s downright antithetical to the faith we profess. The gospel is a message of radical acceptance—but it starts with recognizing we are not okay. We’re not beautiful, worthy, successful, perfect, or better… Read More

Fight Comparing Yourself to Others

In a recent article, Jaquelle Crowe laid out some basic steps to help fight pride and embrace the gospel in the way we see ourselves and others.  ‘1. Feast on gospel-truth. Get in God’s Word and marinate your… Read More

Can we rush maturity?

An article about great things the Lord has done in the country of Mongolia, also gives opportunity for discussion of the idea of maturity in believers in areas where the gospel is fairly new. Many of the missionaries… Read More

What is the goal of discipleship?

‘The goal of discipleship is not church planting. It’s becoming like Christ.’ Read more. -Ken Caruthers Also see at GSiV: Church Growth, Planning, and Multiplication Starting Churches: Making Disciples Nên Thánh Động Lực Bởi Phúc Âm

Patient evangelism not ‘get rich quick’ method

Adoniram Judson (1788-1850) was an American missionary in Burma who lived overseas for several decades. The Lord used him and his steady but hard work overseas to build the church in Burma. Usually, the work the Lord has… Read More

Pragmatism Undermines Doctrine

‘The SBC [Southern Baptist Convention] was overwhelmingly pragmatic. During the middle decades of the 20th century, the SBC became preoccupied with growth—and we were good at it. The SBC grew, overtaking every other denomination in the United States…. Read More

Buildings, Money, and Power: Healthier Churches

Mr. David Platt spoke a few years ago about a problem he saw the Middle East among corrupt pastors and churches that also relied too much on Western money. Unfortunately, these problems are often worldwide. Through Christ there… Read More

Who are the Reformers?

This year, 2017, is the 500th year anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, starting officially with Martin Luther (1517). Celebrate by learning about your Protestant history. Here are just a few of the Reformers: Martin Luther (1483-1546) John Knox… Read More