Starting Churches: Making Disciples

“In pioneer missionary settings where there are no churches, it’s necessary to plant new churches in order to obey the Great Commission command to make disciples.” Read more. -Zane Pratt Một bài viết khác bởi Ông Pratt

Buildings, Money, and Power: Healthier Churches

Mr. David Platt spoke a few years ago about a problem he saw the Middle East among corrupt pastors and churches that also relied too much on Western money. Unfortunately, these problems are often worldwide. Through Christ there… Read More

Who are the Reformers?

This year, 2017, is the 500th year anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, starting officially with Martin Luther (1517). Celebrate by learning about your Protestant history. Here are just a few of the Reformers: Martin Luther (1483-1546) John Knox… Read More

Dangers for Church Planters—Part 2

‘Remember your call is not to worldly success, but to faithfulness: “It is required of stewards that they be found faithful” (1 Cor. 4:2). Paul doesn’t say we must be found famous or fabulous—just faithful.’ -Thomas D. Hawkes Read here… Read More

Dangers for Church Planters—Part 1

In the article “3 Common Dangers Church Planters Face” the author says several important things:   ‘Leadership Problem: Laying on Hands Too Soon. ‘Emotional Problem: The Roller Coaster Ride. ‘Outreach Problem: Compromise to Reach Culture.’ -Thomas D. Hawkes… Read More

Reformation History: Five Onlys–part 10

“CHỈ DUY NHẤT” NĂM CUỘC CẢI CHÁNH   Ngày cải chánh là ngày 31 tháng 10, là ngày mà Martin Luther (1483-1546) đóng đinh lên 95 câu gốc của ông ấy. Như vậy, “solas” (“chỉ duy nhất”) năm… Read More

5 Distinguishing Marks of a Fruitful Church

What is a healthy biblical church? Jared Wilson helpfully says: ‘1. A Growing Esteem for Jesus Christ ‘How do you measure this? How do you know if a church is focused on the glory of Jesus Christ? Well,… Read More


October 31 is Reformation Day, the day Martin Luther (1483-1546) nailed up his 95 theses. Thus, the five “solas” or “onlys” seem appropriate:   Scripture Alone: Scripture alone as the authority for life and practice in the church…. Read More

Church Planting & Church Health

Một trang web góp phần cho Cơ Đốc Nhân người Việt vui hưởng Đức Chúa Trời và quyền năng cao cả của Ngài (Ê-phê 1:4-5) A place for Vietnamese Christians to enjoy God and his supremacy    … Read More