Gospel-Driven Sanctification, J. Bridges–Part 1

Môn Đồ Hóa Được Dựa Trên Việc Thực Hiện ‘Khi tôi nhận thấy được điều đó, phần lớn cộng đồng Cơ Đốc Nhân là hoạt động dựa trên nền văn hóa ngày nay. Và chúng ta càng kết… Read More

Does Calling on Lord’s Name Equal Salvation?

How are people saved? What role does repentance play? “Easy Believe-ism” is a problem around the world. Here’s a helpful article:   ‘One of the verses that’s routinely overused—and under-exegeted—in gospel ministry is Romans 10:13, “For whoever will… Read More

Discerning what Scripture says: Part 6

More Ryrie on non-Lordship In continuing this idea about Lordship salvation, it is to Ryrie’s credit that he quotes people who disagree with him. Again the Bible, against Ryrie, supports what this theologian below says: ‘The lordship view… Read More

Discerning what Scripture says: Part 5

Ryrie on non-Lordship: an unbiblical view   ‘C. The Fallacy of Making Surrender of Life a Part of the Gospel ‘1. The question. The question is simply this: Does one have to make Christ Lord of his life… Read More

Discerning what Scripture says: Part 4

Erickson on Lordship, Repentance and Salvation: a biblical view   In recent decades the Lord used pastors James M. Boice and John MacArthur to help the church get more grounded on an important theological issue—Does a sinner have… Read More

Bad Protestant Theology: Weak God, Strong Man (part 2)

Fortunately the following views on election or Lordship are not what Baptists have historically believed nor what all believe today. “Thus election is to both salvation and evangelism. In both the free will of man determines the final… Read More