Regeneration, God’s Grace, New Birth–Part 1

Charles Spurgeon says, “Sinner, unconverted sinner, I warn thee thou canst never cause thyself to be born again, and though the new birth is absolutely necessary, it is absolutely impossible to thee, unless God the Spirit shall do… Read More

Sovereign Grace (paper)

Một trang web góp phần cho Cơ Đốc Nhân người Việt vui hưởng Đức Chúa Trời và quyền năng cao cả của Ngài (Ê-phê 1:4-5) A place for Vietnamese Christians to enjoy God and his supremacy    … Read More

Sự Nên Thánh Động Lực Bởi Phúc Âm (3rd edition)–Part 2

Gospel Driven Sanctification ‘SỰ MÔN ĐỒ HÓA ĐƯỢC DỰA TRÊN THÀNH TÍCH (Performance-Based Discipleship) Câu chuyện của tôi không phải là xa lạ. Ngày nay, người Tin Lành thường nghĩ rằng phúc âm chỉ dành cho những người… Read More

Revisiting Jerry Bridges’ article (Vietnamese 3rd edition)

Mr. Bridges’ works are almost always worth reading and quoting, even if we’ve quoted the same article here already. Check it out, with some improvements: ‘CÒN HƠN LÀ MỘT CUỐN SÁCH LUẬT LỆ Trong đời sống Cơ Đốc… Read More

What is the gospel?

Below are just a few good points that a wise man makes clear in his article on the good news: ‘… God’s wonderful message to mankind. ‘… the Apostle Paul explains what is “of first importance” within the biblical message:… Read More

Real Reformation

Reformation: Why it Matters for Missions The Protestant Reformation (En and Vn) Was the Reformation a Missionary Movement? Radical Reformation: Anabaptists (B. Hubmaier) The Great Translator: Tyndale and the Reformation A Prayer for the Church in Vietnam: Reformation Follow Up Reformation History: Five Onlys–part… Read More

Missions: Success, faithfulness, rapid, deception

‘Let’s be honest: faithfulness is not the first synonym that springs to mind when we hear the word success. ‘Over the past 20 years, a proliferation of new missionary methods has shifted the definition of missionary success. Increasingly, I meet missionaries… Read More

Recent posts of interest–part 5

Just how Sovereign is our God?  ‘Giáo Luật của Dordt (Dort)’ Là Gì?–part 13 Objections to Unconditional Election & Romans 9 Weak Missionaries? Một Người Tên Là Martin: Video Motives for obedience Năm Luận Điểm: Sự Kiên Trì Của Các Thánh Đồ–part 4… Read More

Just how Sovereign is our God?

Joshua 11:20 “For it was the Lord’s doing to harden their hearts that they should come against Israel in battle, in order that they should be devoted to destruction and should receive no mercy but be destroyed, just… Read More

 ‘Giáo Luật của Dordt (Dort)’ Là Gì?–part 13

Canons of Dordt (Dort) The Canons of Dort (Rules or Guidelines of Dordt) come from an international council (synod / Hội Nghị) of Reformed people which took place in the city of Dordrecht (Dordtrecht), Netherlands in 1618-1619. Giáo… Read More