What does God-centered mean?

“The psalmist describes the motivation of God in saving sinners like this:

  • ‘Both we and our fathers have sinned… Yet he saved them for his name’s sake, that he might make known his mighty power.’ (Psalm 106:6, 8) [Chúng tôi và tổ phụ chúng tôi đã phạm tội… Dầu vậy, Ngài cứu họ vì cớ danh Ngài, Hầu cho bày ra quyền năng của Ngài.]

“God was motivated to rescue them and us from our sin and its penalty ‘for his name’s sake.’ What does ‘for his name’s sake’ mean? It means ‘that he might make known his mighty power.’

“What we mean when we say God is ‘God-centered’ is that he acts like that. He saves for the sake of his name. He saves to make known his own power.”

-John Piper, “What Does ‘God-Centered’ Mean?” DesiringGod.org, posted May 21, 2008