Free will and human responsibility: not the same

“The error of Arminianism is not that it holds the biblical doctrine of responsibility but that it equates this doctrine with an unbiblical doctrine of ‘free-will’ and preaches the two things as though they were synonymous. But man’s will is always exercised in harmony with his nature and, as his nature is at enmity to God, so is his will. Man being fallen, his will cannot be neutral or ‘free’ to act contrary to his nature…. Man’s spiritual inability is due solely to his sin and therefore it in no way lessens his responsibility. That man must be able to believe and repent in order to be responsible for unbelief and impenitency is a philosophical conception nowhere found in Scripture; in fact it is directly contrary to Scripture because, if responsibility were to be measured by ability, then it would mean that the more sinful a man becomes the less he is responsible!”

-Iain Murray’s The Forgotten Spurgeon, 1994, 61-62