Do the ‘elect’ choose to believe?

‘…Reformed Christians believe that men believe and choose. It is the order of events that is in dispute. Every Christian has chosen Christ, believed in Christ, embraced Christ, and even more, continues to do so. The question is not “must a person believe,” but can a person believe while a slave to sin? Further, whose decision comes first: the decision of God to free the enslaved, dead sinner and give him the ability to believe, or the free-choice decision of the sinner that then makes him or her one of the elect?’

-James White, The Potter’s Freedom, p.184

(Các Đoạn 39-42, 48-49 GSiV: Xem chi tiết)

(Also ‘decisional regeneration,’ ‘decisionism’ / ‘sự tái sinh bằng quyết định’)

(Election: Xem Chi Tiết)