Arminians and penal substitution

Grider is an Arminian who is also a scholar. Here’s what he says:

‘A spillover from Calvinism into Arminianism has occurred in recent decades. Thus many Arminians whose theology is not very precise say that Christ paid the penalty for our sins. Yet such a view is foreign to Arminianism, which teaches instead that Christ suffered for us. Arminians teach that what Christ did he did for every person; therefore what he did could not have been to pay the penalty, since no one would then ever go into eternal perdition. Arminianism teaches that Christ suffered for everyone so that the Father could forgive the ones who repent and believe; his death is such that all will see that forgiveness is costly and will strive to cease from anarchy in the world God governs. This view is called the governmental theory of the atonement.’

-J. Kenneth Grider (quoted by James White, The Potter’s Freedom, pp. 233-234)

 (GSiV: Election & Arminianism & Evangelism and Calvinism & Atonement)