Learning how to learn

Certainly not every Christian or Christian leader needs to study in seminary or Bible school. But for those who have the chance, it can be a great opportunity. One of the take-aways from seminary, and this article quoted from below, is that we need help learning.

  • “Seminaries are not just about conveying information. They’re not even mainly about that. I’m fully aware that students will retain very little of the details we cover in class and readings. But that is not the point. The goal is actually to model how to learn for the long haul: how to read carefully and judiciously; how to assess arguments charitably and wisely; how to learn from others with whom you disagree; how to track down resources and judge their worth; and so on. It’s a set of tools, not the data itself, that makes the seminary experience so invaluable. I fear that this somehow gets lost in the general trend of maligning seminaries for their focus on head knowledge.”

-Greg Lanier

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