Success: My flesh demanded growth that could be seen

Here is some wisdom for vocational ministry in general and church planting specifically:

·       ‘When God didn’t reward our faithfulness at the church like I thought he should, my anger and despondency revealed a skewed view of ministry success. My identity wasn’t in God’s love for me, but in what I could do for him. My flesh demanded growth that could be seen and measured by others.

·       ‘In allowing failure, God reminded me he cares most about what he’s always cared most about: my heart.

·       ‘In ministry we plant and water, trusting God who determines the results. We know our crown isn’t in successes tangibly seen, but in how we finish the race marked out before us. So we limp through our failures, one step of obedience at a time.

·       ‘…our crown achievement, aim, and identity must be Jesus, not apparent success.’

Jade Campbell

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