Unreached People Groups and Overemphasis on Speed

‘UPGs [unreached people groups] are hard to get to, difficult to live among, and it will take men and women of character and grit and good training—supported by churches with sober expectations (not measuring success by converts and churches planted)—to see churches planted among them. But it can be done! It’s being done today, slowly and methodically, but with little fanfare.’

‘The overemphasis on speed and pragmatism in the Church Planting Movement, Disciple-Making Movement, Insider Movement, Short-Cycle Church Planting, and their ilk is a dangerous result of bad theology, not of overemphasizing UPGs. To conflate the two is both erroneous and harmful. Long before today’s dominant methodologies (and remember, methodology is the offspring of theology) came into being, men and women like Hudson Taylor, Adoniram Judson, Amy Carmichael, Gladys Aylward, William Borden, and John Paton were making the case that the English-speaking people group had sufficient light, while others remained in complete darkness.’

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