Hyper Calvinism vs Biblical Calvinism

Often Christians confuse biblical Calvinism with what some groups believe. Here’s is a helpful distinction.

Iain Murray says:

“…there is a real difference between Biblical Calvinism and Hyper-Calvinism. The latter term is sometimes used as though it were simply a stronger formulation of Scriptural doctrines—something beyond a ‘moderate’ position –but this is an incorrect usage, for the system deviates seriously from Scripture and falls short of Scripture. Another wrong usage of the term, which is even more common, is for the label ‘hyper or ‘ultra’ Calvinist to be attached to those who are in fact opposed to Hyper-Calvinism. Being ignorant of the distinct theological differences which spate Hyper-Calvinism from the faith of the Reformers and Puritans, and being unaware of its different historical origins, some critics use the phrase as though it were the most suitable to describe anyone who is earnest in opposing the tenets of Arminianism. But while this may be a convenient way to brand ‘extremists,’ it reveals the spiritual muddle of those who thus use it.”

-Murray’s The Forgotten Spurgeon, p.51.