Arminianism by the wholesale: Danger

Spurgeon says in a sermon that no greater religion could be invented than Christianity. He also dares his reader to come up with an example. The elect, he says, cannot ultimately be deceived. Then he lists a few temptations, one of which is Arminianism. Note what the great evangelistic preacher thought of the dangers of Arminianism and the glories of Calvinism and how the latter linked to, and protected, the gospel itself:


  • ‘Would ye wake up one that should deceive us and lead us astray? We bid you do it; for it is not possible to deceive the elect. Ye may deceive the multitude, but God’s elect shall not be led astray. They have tried us. Have they not given us Popery? Have they not assailed us with Puseyism? Are they not tempting us with Arminianism by the wholesale? And do we therefore renounce God’s truth? No: we have taken this for our motto, and by it we will stand. “The Bible, the whole Bible, and nothing but the Bible,” is still the religion of Protestants: and the self-same truth which moved the lips of Chrysostom, the old doctrine that ravished the heart of Augustine, the old faith which Athanasius declared, the good old doctrine that Calvin preached, is our gospel now, and God helping us, we will stand by it till we die. How will ye quench it? If ye wish to do it, where can ye find the means? It is not in your power. Aha! aha! aha! we laugh you to scorn.’

-“The Eternal Name,” C. H. Spurgeon, 1855 (#27).