Teaching about Predestination

If you believe in predestination, and you should, then you should talk about it with Christians and encourage them to believe it too. Here’s one author’s helpful suggestions from an experience with high school students.


  • ‘1. I highlighted that this side of heaven, there are going to be some things we simply don’t fully understand about God….
  • ‘2. I also spent time talking about the truth (seen throughout the book of Romans) that makes it abundantly clear that God’s choosing me has absolutely nothing to do with me deserving to be chosen. We talked about the fact that if God chooses me, it is actually in spite of the fact that I deserve to go to hell.
  • ‘3. We then talked about how amazing it is that God, in eternity past (even before creation), spent time thinking about me – choosing me….’


The author made another good point: ‘It also makes for a really hopeful discussion in Senior High Sunday School class where students don’t feel like they need to apologize for their God’s sovereign decisions.’

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