Common Questions the Doctrine of Election Raises

In an article titled “3 Objections to the Doctrine of Election,” Tim Keller makes some key points:

‘1. If you believe in election, doesn’t that leave you with the problem of why God doesn’t choose to save everyone?


  • ‘Yes, but the same is true for Christians who don’t believe in election. Election doesn’t create the problem, it only leads us to think about it….


‘2. But if everything is fixed and certain, why pray, evangelize, or do anything at all?


  • ‘This objection is short-sighted. First, if everything was not planned by a holy and loving God, we’d be absolutely terrified by the prospect of even getting up in the morning….


‘3. I believe the Bible and I see all the teaching about election, but why do I still dislike it?


  • ‘My theory is that the biblical gospel is so supernatural that it always combines qualities that by natural reason and culture we cannot keep together….’


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