Reformation History: Teach Your Kids about it–part 5

Below is a good article for coaching your kids with church history:


‘1. I want them to know about God’s faithfulness to his church.

We are not the first to preach the gospel and certainly not the first to follow Christ….

‘2. I want them to know reformation must continue.

I want my kids to know the reality of semper reformanda—always reforming according to Scripture….

‘3. I want them to know defending the Bible is dangerous, but worth the risk.

The reformers and their theological heirs, the oft-lampooned Puritans, were well acquainted with the cost of discipleship….

‘4. I want them to know God does extraordinary things through ordinary people.

Luther was a monk, Calvin a pastor, Bunyan a pot-fixer, and Carey a shoemaker….

‘5. I want them to know the gospel is everything.’


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(GSiV: Luther, Calvin, Farel, Reformation)