10 Things About the Life of John Calvin

Since there are so many misunderstandings about this great theologian, here are a few things to ponder.

·       ‘(1) Calvin was born on July 10, 1509, at Noyon in Northeastern France. Unlike Luther, Calvin

·       ‘(2) At the age of 13-14 he attended the University of Paris where he came under the influence of….

·       ‘(3) Some place his conversion as late as 1534 and others as early as 1527-28. Unlike Luther, his….

·       ‘(4) Calvin did not at first desire a break with Rome, but envisioned a purification of the church ….

·       ‘(5) Calvin was influenced by friends and colleagues to break completely with Rome, which he….

·       ‘(6) Calvin returned to Paris in 1536 to settle some old financial matters. He decided to go from….

·       ‘(7) Upon arriving in Geneva, he began to lecture on the Pauline epistles, wrote a constitution for….

·       ‘(8) Calvin often said he didn’t care what a wife looked like as long as she was of a Christian….

·       ‘(9) Once again under pressure from Farel, Calvin returned to Geneva in 1541 and ministered….

·       ‘(10) Calvin’s physical afflictions read like a medical journal. He suffered from painful stomach….’

-Sam Storms, read complete article here.

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