Hope of the coming kingdom

‘…You look at me in this wheelchair paralyzed for 52 years and most people would think, “Oh, you’re looking forward to your new body?” And, yeah, Ok. That’s, again, one of those fringe benefits.

‘But I’m looking forward to the new heart. A heart free of manipulating others with precisely timed phrases, a heart free of fudging the truth, a heart free of hogging the spotlight, believing my own press releases, you know all that stuff. A heart free of not believing the best of others, a heart free of caving into fear or anxiety about the future. I mean I just can’t wait to have a heart free of sin. I will be holy as he is holy.’

-Joni Eareckson Tada {Joni speaking with Nancy Guthrie, “Suffering, Healing, and the Hope of Eternity” (video posted on thegospelcoalition.org, March 25, 2020) [Starts at 4:15 minute point]}


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 (GSiV: Humility; heaven; suffering)