Two Books on Missions

No Shortcut to Success: A Manifesto for Modern Missions by Matt Rhodes [February 15, 2022].

  • “Trendy new missions strategies are a dime a dozen, promising missionaries monumental results in record time. These strategies report explosive movements of people turning to Christ, but their claims are often dubious and they do little to ensure the health of believers or churches that remain. How can churches and missionaries address the urgent need to reach unreached people without falling for quick fixes?”

Missions by the Book: How Theology and Missions Walk Together by Chad Vegas and Alex Kocman [January 1, 2022]. (Amazon ebook)

  • “Across the church, there is a rift between theology and missions. Bad theology produces bad missions, and bad missions fuels bad theology.

    “We wrongly think that we must choose between making a global impact and thinking deeply about the things of God. But the relationship between theology and missions is symbiotic—one cannot exist without the other. They walk hand-in-hand.”

(GSiV: Missions and EvangelismNot Rapid)