Does Calling on Lord’s Name Equal Salvation?

How are people saved? What role does repentance play? “Easy Believe-ism” is a problem around the world. Here’s a helpful article:


‘One of the verses that’s routinely overused—and under-exegeted—in gospel ministry is Romans 10:13, “For whoever will call on the name of the Lord will be saved.”


‘That verse has been a go-to text for evangelists like Billy Graham. But excerpted out of its context, it’s a recipe for shallow faith and false assurance. And the rampant, easy abuse of Romans 10:13 and similar verses is the reason for the widespread easy-believism and false assurance that plagues the church today.


‘To understand Paul’s true intent in Romans 10:13, we need to consider the surrounding verses…. Paul’s point is clear—salvation is not a birth right, nor is it a momentary decision. True faith is active and ongoing.’

-Jeremiah Johnson, “Is Calling on the Lord’s Name All It Takes to Be Saved?”


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