Elements of a Christ-Centered Marriage

Here’s an outline to a great article on one of the greatest and toughest relationships we have:

‘Marriage is hard work…. But some don’t want to work at marriage….

‘1. A Christ-centered marriage involves mutual devotion to Jesus Christ. In other words, a couple can marry, work hard at their relationship, learn to serve each other, and end up having a pretty good relationship. But that’s not Christ-centered….

‘2. A Christ-centered marriage is characterized by serving one another. No one gave a more gripping picture of service than Jesus Christ, knowing that He was God Incarnate heading back to the Father via the cross and the tomb, and yet He stooped to wash His disciples’ feet before the Last Supper (John 13)….

‘3. A Christ-centered marriage practices humility. Jesus declared, “For I am gentle and humble in heart” (Matt 11:29)….

‘4. A Christ-centered marriage practices forgiveness. With two sinners, redeemed though they are, joined in marriage, there will be times when words, attitudes, actions, silence, and cross looks offend….

‘5. A Christ-centered marriage is lived in sacrificial love. That’s the pattern that Jesus established when He gave Himself for the Church in sacrificial death (Eph 5:25)…..

‘6. A Christ-centered marriage communicates. The Apostle John emphasized Christians fellowshipping with Christ as well as with one another (1 John 1:3)….

‘7. A Christ-centered marriage grows in intimacy. Don’t we do that with Christ? We seek to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ….

‘8. A Christ-centered marriage is lived together in the hope of Christ. Instead of centering everything on kids, houses, cars, careers, vacations, and bank accounts, when we’re tethered to Christ our buoyant hope is fixed on Him and His promises….

‘9. A Christ-centered marriage is church-engaged. If Christ died to save the church (Acts 20:28), then a Christ-centered marriage cannot treat the church as a marginal part of their lives….

‘… Let’s find deepening satisfaction in marriage by Jesus Christ as its center.’


-Phil Newton


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