Sanctification: Affirmations and Denials

When we say we believe in sanctification, what do we mean? What do we believe and reject? The following information from the PCA is helpful.


‘Article I – Legalism is a Real Problem

  • We affirm that legalism is a dangerous problem….

‘Article II – The Gospel and Total Depravity

  • We affirm that unregenerate man, being totally depraved, is unable….

‘Article III – The Gospel Includes Sanctification

  • We affirm that the gospel provides salvation for the whole man….

‘Article IV – Union with Christ and Sanctification

  • We affirm that both justification and sanctification are distinct….

‘Article V – Gratitude and Motivation

  • We affirm that gratitude for justification is a powerful….

‘Article VI-Good Works not Merit

  • We affirm that believers are not under the Law….

‘Article VII – Adoption and Sanctification 

  • We affirm that through the finished work of Christ believers are adopted….

‘Article VIII – Effort and Sanctification 

  • We affirm that God-glorifying, Christ-centered….

‘Article IX – Faith and Sanctification

  • We affirm that growth in the Christian life comes through faith….

‘Article X – Preaching the Imperatives

  • We affirm that faithful preaching of the Law for use in the Christian life….

‘Article XI – Sanctification and Assurance

  • We affirm that Christians gain assurance of salvation by cherishing the promise….

‘Article XII – Sanctification and Victory

  • We affirm that Christians can and should experience victories over sin….’

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Earning vs effort: grace, justification, and sanctification


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