Fight Comparing Yourself to Others

In a recent article, Jaquelle Crowe laid out some basic steps to help fight pride and embrace the gospel in the way we see ourselves and others.

 ‘1. Feast on gospel-truth. Get in God’s Word and marinate your mind in gospel-truth….

‘2. Look for your comparison, and confess it. Start intentionally looking for what triggers your comparison….

‘3. Surround yourself with humble teachers. Listen to the people who are not marked by insecurity, comparison, and envy….

‘4. Read books that challenge your self-focus. As I’ve struggled with my tendency to compare myself to others, two books (after the Word of God) have hugely helped me….

‘5. Train yourself to love better. Instead of using people as measuring sticks against yourself, take steps to treat them as image-bearing individuals….

‘6. Cultivate gratitude. We compare ourselves because we are discontent….

‘7. Remind yourself of your identity in Christ. In other words, preach the gospel of acceptance in Christ to yourself….’

Read it all here.

(GSiV: Miller: Success, Failure, and Grace,

 & Nên Thánh Động Lực Bởi Phúc Âm, & A Mindset All Reformed Folks Need)