Gospel Grace Versus Dead Religion–part 4

Ân Điển của Phúc Âm và Tôn Giáo Chết:

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Mingle kindness with holiness

‘But aren’t there rules to follow in the Bible? Yes, but the biblical answer for what we think of others and how we treat them is always concerned with both holiness and kindness. These two concepts are always rooted in God himself. He is kind and holy, thus his children are to possess these traits too. In other words, we want our view of grace to be wide enough to truly reflect God’s kindness and narrow enough to highlight his divine holiness. Grace doesn’t negate holiness. Matthew 18:15-20, and other passages, deal extensively with the type of discipline the church has for wayward unrepentant members. But the goal is always restoration of each other not condemnation. At the heart of it all is grace, God’s grace to us and our grace extended to others. In the Christian life, the Holy Spirit is making us more like Jesus, who loves perfectly and hates sin perfectly. As we grow in grace, we love the Lord and we love others. We love truth and holiness (putting off sin and becoming more like Christ). We can’t love others well on our own because people are hard to love. This is part of the reason we needed Christ to make us new on the inside.’


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(GSiV: Ân điển, chứ không phải những quy tắc / Grace not rules)