Doctrine of the Church for Calvinists

9Marks’ latest journal is dedicated to those of a Calvinist bent, and particularly how those issues relate to the church.

  • ‘So suffuse is Western culture with self-sufficiency and pragmatism, we all naturally default toward Second-Great-Awakening rather than First-Great-Awakening practices. During the days of Charles Finney and Billy Sunday that meant trusting our ability to persuade people down the sawdust trail more than trusting the ordinary means of grace. Today it means we think we can “reverse engineer” our structures and ministry practices in order to yield more fruit. Or we aspire to reaching the “tipping point” of conversions in a city, where the powers of sociology will kick in and change that city, not dissimilar–I’d say–from Finney’s reliance on the powers of psychology to draw people off his infamous anxious bench.’

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(GSiV: A Mindset All Reformed Folks Need; Unity; Thế Nào Là Một Hội Thánh Khỏe Mạnh?; Missions and Evangelism)