Worn out with your Christian life?

‘Some of us are worn out with our Christian life, tired and discouraged, empty and running on fumes. Despite having in place a strong gospel theology, we are sputtering along, not really growing. Might it be because we have never climbed into 1 John 1:7? Are we trying to develop spiritually in the dark? Is there someone in your life who knows you are a sinner not only generally but also specifically? Not just in the abstract but also in the concrete? It is scary to go there with another brother or sister. But surgery is scary too. Yet is it not worth going through with it, given the healing and restoration and life and health awaiting us on the other side?’

-Dane Ortlund, Deeper,  p. 116

(GSiV: GSiV Resource Page; Ray Ortlund; Dane Ortlund; Jerry Bridges)