Worn out with your Christian life?

‘Some of us are worn out with our Christian life, tired and discouraged, empty and running on fumes. Despite having in place a strong gospel theology, we are sputtering along, not really growing. Might it be because we have never… Read More

Taking our miseries to the Lord

‘Even the most intense of human love is but the faintest echo of heaven’s cascading abundance. His heartful thoughts for you outstrip what you can conceive. He intends to restore you into the radiant resplendence for which you… Read More

Hy vọng của chúng ta đang ở đâu?

‘Thật tuyệt vời khi có hy vọng không bị nghiêng lệch theo chiều hướng của hoàn cảnh. Thật là ngọt ngào khi có hy vọng không hề bị dập tắt khi rắc rối xảy ra. Thật tốt khi… Read More

Replacing our assumptions with God’s love

‘The Christian life, from one angle, is the long journey of letting our natural assumption about who God is, over many decades, fall away, being slowly replaced with God’s own insistence on who he is. This is hard… Read More

Won over to a gentle Savior

‘When you look at the glorious older saints in your church, how do you think they got there? Sound doctrine, yes. Resolute obedience, without a doubt. Suffering without becoming cynical, for sure. But maybe another reason, maybe the… Read More

Battle sin with hope in God

‘In our battle with sin, are we called to wrestle, run, fight, and pray? Yes, we are, but our hope is not in our ability to do these things, but in the God of grace, who will war… Read More