Gospel Grace Versus Dead Religion–part 3

Ân Điển của Phúc Âm và Tôn Giáo Chết:

Giúp các Hội Thánh tại Việt Nam Thực Hành Ân Điền Mà Không Từ Bỏ Sự Thánh Khiết

Excerpted from “A Church for Carl”

‘Carl closed the door, the echo went throughout the office. His head hung down while he shook it slightly from side to side. He sighed. This was probably his last meeting with pastor Bob. He couldn’t take it anymore.

‘Carl walked outside the church building, texting his friend Victor, also a member of the Singles group. “Pastor Bob still won’t let me sing.”

‘On more than one occasion Carl hoped to use his extraordinary talents in the church’s Sunday morning choir. But pastor Bob wouldn’t allow Carl to sing unless he came to more than just Sunday AM service. He’d need to be there on Sunday evening as a part of the Singles ministry.

‘Carl carried a heavy load in university and worked a few hours every week; on top of that he felt the attitude of many of the single adults within the church were less than gracious. He recalled a recent conversation with Bruce, a regular attender of the Singles group. “Carl, I never see you around on Sunday night. How come?” Bruce asked. Carl explained his busy schedule but Bruce’s eyes conveyed that he couldn’t accept such a flimsy excuse.’


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(GSiV: Ân điển, chứ không phải những quy tắc / Grace not rules)