Radical Reformation: Three groups

Cuộc Cải Chánh Cấp Tiến: Ba Nhóm 1. Mystics and spiritualists / Những Nhà Thần Bí hay Những Nhà Duy Linh 2. Anabaptists / Phái Anabaptists ·       Biblical / Theo Thánh Kinh o   Conrad Grebel (Swiss Brethren /… Read More

Vận Mệnh của Cuộc Cải Chánh

Fortunes of the Reformation   ‘The student of the Reformation is always impressed with the way in which the fortunes of the Reformation were so closely identified with the translation of the Bible into the common tongue of… Read More

The Great Translator: Tyndale and the Reformation

God used William Tyndale (c. 1494–1536) to spur on the Protestant Reformation. Around the year 1521, Mr. William Tyndale was in the home of the Walsh family in England, when talking with an educated man loyal to the… Read More

Bức Thành Kiên Cố

Bức Thành Kiên Cố A Mighty Fortress Is Our God Tác giả: Martin Luther Chúa chính bức thành kiên cố muôn đời, Đỡ che ta giữa bao thay dời; Đấng cứu giúp hồi nguy khốn ưu sầu, Đấng… Read More

John Calvin and Missions

Mr. Shawn Wright helps us consider a few truths often forgotten from church history: ‘Even though the Protestant reformers of the sixteenth century were regularly fighting for their survival because of Catholic assaults, and even though they had… Read More

10 Things About the Life of John Calvin

Since there are so many misunderstandings about this great theologian, here are a few things to ponder. ·       ‘(1) Calvin was born on July 10, 1509, at Noyon in Northeastern France. Unlike Luther, Calvin ·       ‘(2) At the… Read More

Who are the Reformers?

This year, 2017, is the 500th year anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, starting officially with Martin Luther (1517). Celebrate by learning about your Protestant history. Here are just a few of the Reformers: Martin Luther (1483-1546) John Knox… Read More